Dandelion list

The 4 things I will never do again:

1. I will never resent someone so much as to cause grief or pain.

2. I will never complain.

3. I will never hold a grudge.

4. I will never meddle in others' affairs.


Some people are strange…actually, we are all strange. I suppose that’s why we call other people strangers, huh? Yeah…I guess so.

With our little quirks and squabbles, there is a word that comes to mind, tolerance. The more tolerance you have, the better you are to live with another person. I have always defended other people. I have always taken cared of other people, but what I forget from time to time, is the other story. The story of the untold…I should have forgiven the people who I have fought against. Perhaps, the issue at hand was to deal with other matters: familial, personal, social, financial and religious. Whatever the matter, I should accept their inadequacies as they should accept mine. The asshole. Well, I forgive him for all the things he has done. I feel sorry for him, but his actions are not justifiable because of what happened to him. He needs to get over his problems, just like I need to get over mine. Quite frankly, there is a right way and a wrong to solve problems. Drugs, alcohol, sex, games, food, work (or lack thereof), zeal of faith are just…missteps. I forgive him as I forgive others. I shall let go of my grudge, my regrets and stay away from him for a while.

  • 29 May 2011